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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  December 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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injuries. the fire was reported about 4:00 this morning no word on the cause. an early-morning fire in east oakland is under control again. firefighters just went back to 64th and international boulevard putting out a fire for the second time this morning. they battled the single alarm earlier at 1:30 when flames reignited just minutes ago. firefighters just left the scene, no injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but reports say it may have been caused by some squatters nearby. the same building caught fire back in august. it took firefighters about half hour to put it out then. at the time it was an appliance store. the san francisco gang task force is investigating a shooting in the mission district. a man was wounded about 8:00 last night near 15th and natomas. he is expected to survive. one suspect was seen leaving the scene, no description. police don't have a motive.
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four pipe bombs in four days in pleasant hill. the latest bomb was found outside the elementary school. somebody found a pipe bomb in the bushes outside the school yesterday. they call the police and the bomb squad took care of it. >> it was lit but didn't detonate. >> we hope it won't be a rash of them. >> this pipe bomb was found three days after five teenagers were arrested for a mailbox bomb set off friday night. they are also accused of planting a bomb at a pleasant hill high school and another bomb was found in their car. the killed a friend in a jealous rage. calling her a cold-blooded killer, the judge sentenced
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esteban to 25 years to life. she killed michelle le. she said nothing and showed no emotion. >> giselle esteban and michelle le were high school friends but esteban mistakenly believed her former classmate was involved with her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child. the man accused in the kidnap and murder of sierra lamar will face charges tomorrow on three incidents back in 2009. santa clara county's d.a. has filed a complaint against antolin garcia torres to include kidnapping and carjacking. garcia torres is still awaiting trial in connection to the disappearance of lamar. 4:33. are you happy your buddy is back? >> i'm glad lawrence is back, absolutely. but you're bringing the rain, too, huh? >> yeah. we're bringing in at least a chance of rainfall. the chance we could see snow, i know you love that, michelle. >> do love that.
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>> looks like a cold storm system about to make its way back into the bay area. so far, we are starting out mostly clear, a couple of patches of thick fog into the santa rosa area. but the clouds are going to be on the increase throughout the day today especially in the latter part of the afternoon. you can just begin to make out the storm system well to the north. it's going to take time to drop in so not a bad day today although a little chilly to start with early on this morning. 30s and 40s outside. you're seeing 30s and fog into santa rosa, 44 in san jose, 46 in san francisco. by this afternoon, highs in the 50s and 60s. we could begin to see showers as we head into the evening hours in the north bay, then that cold storm system sweeps in across the rest of the bay area overnight tonight. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> there's not much traffic at 4:34 a.m. it's just overnight roadwork that may slow you down but not too bad. it looks good across the upper
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deck of the bay bridge. northbound 280 connector ramp to southbound 101 is closed for ongoing roadwork. this is a live look across the golden gate bridge. headlights coming southbound towards san francisco 101 and it's a quick trip down from san rafael. eastbound lanes of highway 4, the left slain blocked now between railroad and somersville. westbound highway 4 traffic at the limit and so far all bart trains on time. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, an update on the health of former south african president nelson mandela. the 94-year-old is experiencing a recurrence of a lung infection. today the office of president jacob zuma said in a brief statement that mandela is reportedly responding to treatment. he is the country's first democratically elected leader has been in a military hospital in pretoria since saturday. fans in the bay area are mourning the death of mexican-
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american singer jenny rivera. ♪ [ music ] she was killed in a weekend plane crash in northern mexico. the 43-year-old southern california native was at the peak of her career. she was a grandmother and a single mother with five children. >> she is an example for me because i'm a single mother, too. and she tried very hard to help her kids. very sad day for me. >> u.s. officials will investigate the plane crash that killed her and others. the body of 28-year-old nicolas cheque is back in the united states now. the navy seal died over the weekend during an operation and rescue of an american doctor kidnapped by the taliban. pentagon officials say the doctor was in imminent danger
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of being killed. he was rescued unharm but officer cheque died from gunshots wounds in the battle. a high school friend and cheque always wanted to be in the military. >> that was his plan. it wasn't college, it wasn't engineering. it was -- i'm interested in being in the military and in living that lifestyle, serve my country. that's what he wanted to do. >> seven taliban members were killed in the rescue operation. cheque a 10-year veteran was part of the elite u.s. special forces team. that same elite unit carried out the raid that killed osama bin laden. a las vegas-bound flight from seattle had to make an emergency landing in sacramento because of the smell of smoke. an airport spokeswoman says the alaska airlines flight landed around 5 p.m. last night. once on the ground, fire trucks and ambulances quickly surrounded the plane. >> the crew was calm. i was watching them and i thought, they don't seem too stressed so i'm going to just stay calm until i see them
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looking stressed. >> none of the 152 passengers on board was injured but a flight attendant was treated for burning eyes and an irritated throat. the cause of the smell is being investigated. another port of oakland executive is on his way out because of an expensive account problem. maritime director james kwon is quitting effective this month but will stay on as an advisor until hills replacement is hired. an audit also found questionable expenses by other employees and commissioners. search crews in vallejo plan to use sonar to find a missing man. they believe a 77-year-old man fell into the mare island straits. he was last seen saturday afternoon working on a tugboat on the eastshore of mare island. since then divers and coast guard has searched the waters but found nothing. this afternoon contra costa county board of supervisors
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will take up a proposal to close as many as four fire stations. this follows the failure of a parcel tax that didn't get voter support. there is a $3 million shortfall so stations could shut down in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette. a mysterious invasion along some beaches in california. thousands of squid washed up yesterday along a 12-mile stretch of shore on monterey bay. no one knows why this happened. but there is a theory. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in our newsroom with an update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. researchers say it could have been something they ate, something causing them to be disoriented that swim to the beach. it's still a mystery how thousands inded up on the beaches of santa cruz county -- ended up on the beaches of santa cruz county for 12 miles. this happened yesterday during high tide. some people actually tried to
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put them back in the water. but the squid swam back to shore. >> they don't see the shore very often. they may not understand what's going on and don't realize if they swim towards shore they will run out of water. >> scientists have a different theory on how the squid ended up on our shores. they believe el nino weather patterns drew them to the cooler waters of northern california. researchers say they are trying to determine if the strandings are a concern or just part of the natural squid pattern. this particular one was the third stranding in six weeks. live from the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. from squids to crabs. the two sides in the crabber strike will talk again this afternoon. it's been six days since the boats went out and dungeness crab is hard to find in stores and restaurants especially on the wharf. crabbers are upset over the wholesalers' attempt to lower the price. in a related development, oregon is delaying the open of its crab season until december
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30 which could give bay area crabbers a little more leverage. hopefully they can figure that out. 4:40. a medical breakthrough how researchers are using hiv to beat cancer. the backlash against the university of california's new logo. >> first a four-alarm fire tearing through a building. why it could leave a new year's day parade tradition in jeopardy, when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fire destroyed an industrial garage in south philadelphia used to house props for the mummers parade. thick black a four-alarm fire destroyed an industrial garage in south philadelphia. it used to house props for the mummers parade there. thick, black smoke could be seen yesterday and at least one person suffered smoke inhalation. the space is used by a string band to house props for the annual new year's day parade. the show will go on. the cause of the fire is under investigation.
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4:43. let's get another check on the weather. you said snow? >> i said snow! ski mount diablo, wax up those skis. don't use the new ones. i would use the old ones maybe a light dusting of snow on the peaks. we have some very cold weather headed our way. out the door we have mostly clear skies, it's a bit chilly out there as well, 30s and 40s. thick fog in santa rosa, visibility to about a half mile. we have changes in the works if you are heading out the door today a cold start to the day some 30s and low 40s in many spots. 44 in san jose and 40 degrees even into concord. but we have a cold storm heading in our direction dropping out of the gulf of alaska. here it is here. doesn't have a whole lot of rain it just because it's cold but boy it's going to be chilly in spots and there's snow in the mountains. around the states fog in the central valley. showers on the increase in the northern parts of california. and for us we are going to have to wait a little while for the
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storm system. we'll see increasing clouds clout the day, patchy fog at the coast. storm clouds this evening and later tonight, rain becoming more likely around 11:00 or so and looks like around the bay area for tomorrow morning's commute. looks like back to wet weather in the bay area but not for the better part of the day, should stay dry. 64 dry in san jose. 57 cool in pacifica. 60 hayward. east bay temperatures up in the 50s and 60s this afternoon. and inside the bay you will see those temperatures in the 50s and 60s. clouds on the increase and rain developing into the evening hours in the north bay and across the rest of the bay area overnight tonight into tomorrow. showers going to be cold showers tomorrow morning and then that will break off dry weather on thursday, maybe some more showers on friday. then just about every other day now looks like a storm approaches the bay area. none of these is very big but cold, elizabeth. >> this is two weeks in a row that we have had a wet wednesday morning commute, right? >> how about that. >> we are going to enjoy the dry weather for now. yeah, there's not too many problems on the road which is
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good news. we have a lot of areas of overnight roadwork. we have been checking in with caltrans seeing where the major problem spots are right now. sounds like the eastbound lanes of 580, they are doing the usual roadwork approaching greenville to north flynn. three of the lanes are blocked. scheduled until with 11:00 this morning. your bridges though look great. if you are crossing the san mateo bridge, this is the commute direction of westbound 92. as you can see, both directions are nice and light so you're moving at the limit. right now the drive time is about 14 minutes to cross that span. elsewhere let's go to our maps, more overnight roadwork that connector ramp northbound 280 to southbound 101 is shut down towards san francisco as well as the eastbound lane highway 4 right there at railroad avenue just the left lane blocked westbound highway 4 still looks good in the commute direction. the nimitz, we also just checked in. both directions of 880 between the embarcadero exit, fruitvale, have various lanes blocked because of overnight roadwork.
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the drive though not impacted this time of the morning. 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. no issues at all for mass transit, everything off to a good start for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries. that's traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. lawmakers in michigan will vote today on a controversial right to work bill. police are preparing for as many as 10,000 protestors. the bill would allow workers at union represented employers to opt out of paying dues even though the union would still bargain on their behalf. critics say it's a way to break the unions. >> if i'm being provided a service by a particular organization, i don't care if that's a club due or if it's something, then i should be paying for a service that's provided to me. >> supporters of the bill say it will attract businesses and bring more jobs to michigan. the republican governor is expected to sign it if it passes as expected. michigan has the highest percentage of union workers in
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the country. there have been no public comments in the past couple of days about the "fiscal cliff" negotiations which may be a good sign. house speaker john boehner the president are the only parties negotiating right now and no details have leaked out. today congressional democrats will hold a press conference to urge republicans to preserve medicaid funding in the final deal. republicans say cutting entitlement benefits is necessary to curb the country's deficit. >> social security, medicare and medicaid, it is not even on the table. that is our message. >> whoo! >> in 15 cities across california workers and community leaders have been rallying including here in san francisco. they are urging congress to save social safety net programs and increase taxes on the wealthy. south carolina's governor may have closed the door on comedian steve colbert's senate dreams. colbert has been urging fans to
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pressure governor nickie hailey into picking him for the senate seat to replace jim demint who is retiring. a poll shows colbert is the favorite in the state but the governor has not committed on his comedic candidacy. specifically. but she did post online saying colbert not knowing the state drink was milk was a big mistake. >> oh-oh. the world banking giant plans to pay a record fine for u.s. allegations that it ignored red flags pointing to money laundering. the penalty for hsbc is $1.9 billion. a senate report says hsbc mexico shipped billions of dollars of cash to the u.s., money believed to be tried to drugs and terrorism. a report sent hewlett- packard soaring leading to a higher dow yesterday. the report says activist investor carl icahn plans to
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put a stake in hp which helped the stock, down 45% in the year. icahn is said to be worth more than $14 billion and his hedge fund was one of the top performers last year. it's been a record holiday season for seasonal workers. job placement firm challenger, grey and christmas says retailers hired 465,000 seasonal workers last month up 21% from a year ago. and it's the most ever hired in november. challenger says holiday hiring could reach 760,000 by the end of the month. it looks like the new university of california's logo is here to stay. that despite over 42,000 petition signatures against it. let's take a look. the new more modern uc logo came out six months ago and is appearing on more and more uc websites and publications. i'm not too crazy about it either but critics say it doesn't match the prestige and elegance of the old mark and doesn't make sensing.
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>> now it's just? a rubber stamped nothing. it doesn't mean anything. >> you know, i would agree. >> what is it?! the regents say the new logo is more versatile and easier to work with online. the old logo will still be on diplomas and university letter heads. >> hm. san francisco's homeless could soon have a new tool to help them get off the streets. cell phones the state's public utilities commission has approved a plan to provide cell phones to the homeless and those with low income. san francisco is planning on implementing it. officials say it's a way to help people living on the streets stay in touch with family or look for jobs and lousing. >> going to be able to send texts to people and say following your application, you have a shelter bed here or you need to go to a resource center because we doesn't have a bed or please come in your application has come up for house . i think it's going to change things tremendously. >> applicants will need to meet certain income criteria or be enrolled in public assistance programs.
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it doesn't take a genius to figure out san francisco is a great place to live. but it seems to me having a few more geniuses in san francisco, well, that couldn't hurt. that's because the city has come in second on a list of north america's smartest cities. you know who number one is? >> tell me. >> boston. according to an online site. san francisco 2. seattle 3. vancouver, canada, 4. rounding out the top 5 the city that never sleeps, new york city. >> boston, huh? >> how about that. >> san francisco second. that's good. a new study in the fight against leukemia brings promising signs for children. a doctor and university of pennsylvania scientists using a disabled form of hiv modified 7- year-old emily whitehead's blood cells to attack her cancer. they removed her immune t-cells genetically engineered them and injected them back into her. >> the idea is that we're
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redirecting the cells of the immune center against the cancer. >> emily has been cancer-free for eight months and if it doesn't come back for two years, she will be considered cured. researchers are now looking into whether it can be used to fight other forms of cancer. >> denver was 37 in the poll. >> i just made that up. [ laughter ] >> no clue. time now 4:53. isolated? apple fixes a map snafu that police call potentially life- threatening. >> the second powerball jackpot winner has come out. why he decided to take $192 million payout now. >> you got? >> i do, actually. >> fiery flashes light up the bay area skies. what was it? the theories and the images that will leave you guessing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mostly clear skies, cold, chilly, maybe snow headed our direction? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are checking for major accidents. so far, so good quiet out there. the golden gate bridge, dublin- pleasanton area. much more "timesaver traffic" coming up. call it a close encounter of the bay area kind. you can see in this video here a triangle of strange lights in the skies over san francisco's mission district. well, people whipped out their phones to capture the lights and some believe it's a ufo. others aren't convinced. >> i am 100% sure this was a ufo. >> you do admit you had a little christmas cheer? >> absolutely! absolutely. tequila was maybe, you know, an influence here. >> definitely not an alien starship of some sort? >> not my first guess.
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>> the flickering lights scientists say were most likely just floating balloons carrying lights. >> floating balloons carrying lights?! i'm going with the ufo. errors in apple's mapping application are leading australian drivers into life- threatening situations. drivers heading to a city have been led instead to a remote state park there. it's a park with extremely high temperatures and no phone reception. at least four people have needed to be rescued because of the maps. apple said it has updated its new maps after police put out a warning to fix it or else. the second winner of the $587 million powerball jackpot has come forward. matthew goode from phoenix wanted to remain anonymous but such a feat is impossible in arizona where lottery winners are listed on public records. so goode opted for the one-time
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payout of $192 million. why not. he spent $10 on tickets and told lottery officials that the winning ticket sat in his car overnight before he realized it was a winner. it's 4:57. still no deal to keep fresh dungeness crab on bay area tables. how crabbers in other states are getting involved. >> a mysterious invasion on california beaches. why hundreds of squid are washing ashore. >> live in hayward a woman and her son are without a home after their apartment went up in flames. what she told us how she thinks that fire started. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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